Gerimonio Stilton

During independent Reading, I read Geronimo Stilton book series this year. I read Thea Stilton and now I am reading Cavemice. The book is called “Watch your tail”.I Finished reading “Cavemice Stone of fire”, “Thea ┬áStilton The legends of Fire Flowers” and “Thea Stilton and the blue scarab hunt”. “Cavemice watch your tail” is about Meteors are falling from the sky and everyone in old mouse city has an awful stomachache. The falling meteors hurt the mice. They ate medicine and felt better.

Stone of fire book is about a whole stone found in stone age. Stone of fire has been stolen.


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I am 11 years old . I like to play soccer and basketball my brother. I like to do homework with my mom or myself.
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    you should make more of this

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    geroimo stiltion

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