In class we read a story about maps . So Miss Brett gave us to label our map so we did countries only . I am going to show you map of Africa. Lets quiz you on these 5 countries.  Find out where these are Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt.Can you find where Dr  Congo , Sudan  , South Africa,   Madagascar   and    Kenya

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In class we have been reading frindle ,we read two chapters at school if you don’t finish it is homework.

Also we have been working on our Frindle booklet .this year we started our inventions next week we will have a share fair.My invention is called a super roller coaster.It is used for a controller that moves on a track.Also we have been writing a rough draft about our letter to carowinds to send our super roller coaster.That is called a persuasive letter. Also for our inventions . We make a logo and diagram for our invention.


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Native Americans.

In Class, We have been working on Native Americians. My Tribe is the Chumash .I am going to tell about my Tribe.


2.They live in Small Villages.
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People of Sparks

People of Sparks is about When Lina and Doon thier group of people from the underground city of ember ,they discover of world and life.Thier small villages called sparks.

People of Sparks

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Thanksgiving Thank you



I am thankful for going to school on the First day .i am thankful for playing with Craig and Lahsen

I am thankful for working on 3 pages with mommy .I am thankful for playing with my brother .


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Surya does some math

In 4th grade math,we have been working on fractions like 2/4  .In class we have been working on Equivalent Fractions and I am going To show you my fraction imageEquals 3/6, 2/4 ,4/8, 20/40,and 15/30. Can you think of Equivalent fractions?



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Surya goes to gamecocks game

Gamecocks played Coastal Carolina game .The score was 70-10.Gamecocks WON !!

The Game was played in William Brice Stadium . Three quarterbacks threw the ball for touchdown .We had many fireworks after every touchdown . At the halftime, The marching band did the anthem and did the marching band. In third quarter, Gamecocks made three touchdowns. I cheered the whole game .image

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